webrick fails to start under eclipse 3.3/windows xp

I've installed Eclipse 3.3 and associated radrails plugins on windows
xp. i'm unable to start the webrick server after creating a new rails
project. The error is

An internal error occurred during: "Starting server".

which i know isn't very much info, but that's all i get in the dialog
box which appears. any ideas what might be going one?

Do you get the same errors when starting webrick from the command
line, outside of Eclipse?

Seems to work fine from the command line. I'm having the same behavior
after a recent install of eclipse/radrails on Ubuntu Gutsy.

Hey Dave,
                In Eclipse, go to Window menu and preferences
item .... in that go to Rails --> configuration hierarchy.

and set the path for rails as per the example given over there.

Try it.