What if I don't want to visit the forum and only want to participate via Email?

Many have come from an email only background. You can still consume and produce 100% using email only.

To do so you have a few alternatives:

Additionally there are large amount of options for you to choose, from daily digests to digests once in a while. You can suppress email while your are on the site, or not.

If you have any questions or need any help, let us know!


Thanks for this helpful post, Sam, appreciated! Looking forward to this new era

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Will I still be able to reply to (and post to, originating a thread) this list from a mail application? I am assuming that the bounce I just got from googlegroups, saying that posting by mail is no longer allowed is unrelated. Are all of the message threads from googlegroups duplicated here?


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Yeah this is a bit of a tricky pickle during the transition.

You can resume discussion by email but you are going to need to get at least one email from Discourse.

I recommend doing 1 reply via the web on topics you care about enabling watch topics after you reply.


This particular thread appears to be locked in the Web interface, too. I visited the page in Google Groups, ensured that I was logged in there, and could not see any buttons or links to reply. Have you seen this behavior?



Here’s a link to it in Google Groups: https://groups.google.com/forum/?utm_medium=email&utm_source=footer#!msg/rubyonrails-talk/ThX6oSwv3SQ/bGEAekaYBwAJ and replying there still doesn’t seem possible. But I made another attempt to find the thread in the new Discourse system, and was able to find it there today (I could swear it wasn’t there when I tried yesterday) and I was able to paste in my reply there.


You mean this one?

You if you flick to watching on that topic you will get all notifications.

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