We are moving to https://discuss.rubyonrails.org/

Hi There,

The Rails team has decided to migrate all the talk, docs and core Google groups to https://discuss.rubyonrails.org/.

from can you post any talk discussion there. If you are having any trouble finding your bearings I will be watching closely and do my best to help out!

The theme used on the forum is open source and accepts contributions https://github.com/rails/discourse-rubyonrails-theme

See you on the forum! We will be locking this group shortly and migrating the final missing posts over to the new home.



A little bit sad.

The only reason I am still reading this forum is because I can read it in my email inbox.

IMO, the new forum is easy for people asking something; but for people answering, there is no reason to keep checking the forum regularly.

Goodbye, then
And thank you for the good works

Hi San,

You can still consume the forum 100% from your mailbox see:



Thank you for the heads-up Sam!


It’s the end of an era! Really enjoyed following these groups over the years but I’m certain it’s a move for the better, migrating now! :slight_smile:


I just wanted to say that this is super great! I’m new to the rails community but have been loving it so far and I am very excited for the future! A big thank you to everyone.


@samsaffron considering that Rails is hosted on GitHub, I wondered if it had been considered to use the GitHub Discussions beta feature? As in this example or this one.

@sedubois it is certainly tricky getting an objective answer from me, since I am a co-founder of discourse.org.

I guess some big reasons why for a project the scale of Rails a solution like Discourse makes sense are:

  • We get to keep mailing list mode and very rich notification fidelity

  • We get to keep one home for all Rails discussions vs a tab on a series of Rails repos

  • We get to maintain all our history including tons of very interesting topics like reasoning DHH had 14 years ago regarding building a migration system for Rails like: Migrations Vs SQL compare tools

I think beta discussions by GitHub is a pretty good fit for small projects looking to quickly bolt on discussion, but once you grow having branding, categorization, security, tagging, mailing list modes, oneboxes, moderation fidelity and so on are all pretty important considerations.