What do you think of Aptana?

So far I like it a lot. I'm going to assume you are asking because you are trying to find out which editor to use. So this has been my experience so far:

Keeping in mind I use the radrails perspective, the most valuable features so far (and i suggest learning the shortcut keys):

  * (ctrl/apple+shift+R) or navigate -> open resource = searches the project for files, so u can get to a model, or whatever real quick   * (ctrl/apple+L) = goto line, for when those bugs come up =(   * F3 = goto declaration, helps me navigate a new code base   * ctrl+h = find search-string or reg ex in the workspace, absolutely amazing for debugging and learning a new code base   * there are also a bunch of cool refactoring tools, but some are kinda slow. just experiment w/ the 'refactor' dropdown menu.   * other cool things: console button loads dev environment, and there is a good debug feature you can setup

Just so you know, I have seen some people do sick stuff w/ textmate and particularly emacs. The only draw back to emacs is the learning curve. So I think for starting off, Aptana will give more bang for the buck.

Hope that helped, Keith

Val Paliy Jr. wrote: