Newbie looking for best IDE

I'm just getting started with RoR. I would like to use an IDE.
I have used Eclipse for BIRT report writing.
So, the Aptana IDE seems like a good choice.
But, how does it compare to RubyMine?


I’ve heard that Aptana IDE and Eclipse have good features … but in my opinion, I think that a text editor is enough

you could try sublime text 2 or textmate for macOS

I also think an IDE does not add anything worthwhile to rails
development, though others are free to disagree of course. I find a
good text editor with ruby parsing and syntax highlighting and so on
is all I need. I use jEdit on Ubuntu with Sidekick, CTagsSidekick and
ProjectViewer plugins.


I have used Aptana/Eclipse but it got to be very cumbersome. It did much more than I needed and often got in the way. I have since switched to "Redcar" (written in Ruby) and have been quite pleased with it. It has syntax highlighting for all Ror files and a convenient file selector/manager panel (sort of like TextMate). My development environments are Ubuntu and Linux Mint.

Don Z.

I tried many before, long time user of NetBeans, until they dropped
Rails Support.
After that I tried again and stuck to Aptana first, but it feld very slow.

So I stumbled upon redcar 0.10 and used taht quiet a while, 0.11 is
the actual version. 0.12 shall be released as soon as the last
problems are polished out.

Also just yesterday something "new" came uppon me, the already
mentioned Sublime Text 2.

For Redcar just type "gem install redcar", for Sublime Text visit


Thanks for the responses.
I think I'll use Redcar.
I got it installed and I've edited some code.
But, when I click on the run, nothing happens.
Plus, I can't start rails "rails s" because Redcar is running.

I want to be able to see the change I've made via localhost.
How do I do that?


But, when I click on the run, nothing happens.

What kind of files do you edit? Plain-Ruby? Then you should see the
ouput in the terminal. If you try to run a rails file standalone,
there should not happen anything. Bestcase would be a stacktrace
complaining about missing some classes. All in the terminal you
started redcar from.

Plus, I can't start rails "rails s" because Redcar is running.

Just open another terminal window...

Or place a link to redcar at your desktop.

I have usually at least 4 terminals open

1. runs rails server
2. runs guard with guards for at least rspec, cucumber and bundler
3. the one I started redcar or sublime from
4. is flexible used. most for rails console and a variety of git commands.

I want to be able to see the change I've made via localhost.
How do I do that?

What do you mean with "changes you made by localhost"?


I found RubyMine much better that either Aptana or NetBeans. I
recommend it. The debugging is good, and the intellisense is ok.
(Intellisense in Ruby is always going to be hard, but it figures out
some surprising things.)

What I particularly like is that it immediately marks typos, which
saves a lot of time.

I'm a .NET dev who's getting started on ROR. I decided to just skip
the whole 'fancy text editor' and go for an IDE -- RubyMine. So far
I've been very impressed with it. I now think that it's better than
VisualStudio. I wouldn't want to tackle anything but a small project
without an IDE. Refactoring, quote completion, tabbed interface, these
are good things. I think that your fingers have only so many miles in
them. Plus, cripes it's cheap: $35 if you buy before the 23rd I think.
You should check on that end date.

I think it's odd when developers build things that are very specific
to what they do (e.g. any web page) but they want a super generic tool
for building it.