What Editor/IDE do you use?

I originally bought into the hype and went with TextMate. I can't say
anything bad about it, I think it serves its purpose as a light-weight
editor for multiple projects. However, the other day I ran across


They recently acuired RadRails (which looked promising but I was
initially turned off since it looked like the devs were giving up on
the project).

I'll have to say that I'm really impressed with this IDE. I've never
used Eclipse before (.NET Developer) but now I'm glad I am. Aptana +
RadRails + Subclipse for svn integration is awesome. If you're
looking to do some heavy programming with RoR I would suggest you give
this a whirl.

So, what are you guys using?

On OS X MacroMates stole me from being an avid BBedit fan. So TextMate and the OS X console keep me happy on my Mac. There’s a few features I’d like to see, but I’m happy with it (including the price).

I’ve struggle between NetBeans and Eclipse for my Java IDE so I decided to try Eclipse, Aptana and Sublicpse for ruby and rails development but never got them all working correctly.

Not sure when you last tried, but I've had no problems getting the
latest to work together.

I use the Ruby-only build of the NetBeans IDE, since that has been my favorite IDE for the last few years. The Ruby version has Ruby, Rhtml, and Rails support, including code generation.



hrm, interesting, but Aptana seems bloated; a lot like Eclipse. . .I
can see it's general usefulness though. Especially being free.

Looks promising but I had a lot of issues upfront with Subversion.
Otherwise this looks like a solid alternative.

I’ve been using jEdit recently. It’s a little difficult to set up as an IDE (there’re a few tutorials out there, but I did it using mostly guesswork), but once you do, it does the job nicely, and it’s pretty lightweight so it doesn’t get in the way too much. My main problem with it is the auto-complete setup for ruby, which is a bit buggy.

I use jEdit at the moment too, but it's just for the editing part. No
other intergration (project management, file structure, svn, etc...).
All of these manually done with other tools.

I'm going to give a try to Netbeans with ruby support soon and
possibly/probably use it permanently when a stable release is out. I
used to use Netbeans when i was writing java code and it was simply
amazing. Everything worked just fine including J2EE (web services,
JXTA...). Hope it's the same with Ruby and Rails :slight_smile: . Another good
thing with Netbeans it's that it runs over the JVM which means once
you like it and get used to it you can use it in every platform -
reaaaally useful if you have a machine running Vista + *nix and a Mac
(hopefully in the immediate future :smiley: ).

P.S.: It would be handy if someone who's already using it posted some
experiences with it (stability, features, integration, etc...)

Trying out a variety of IDE's at the moment. I've been working with Eclipse
the past few weeks. Today I picked up on 'E' (http://www.e-texteditor.com)
for Windows, which I'm loving already - and I'm about to try out NetBeans
(used it for Java, interested to see what Ruby support is like).

Found this on my travels:



An IDE for Rails development is overkill. I use VIM with Tim Pope's
excellent rails.vim plugin.


This may seem slightly off topic, but I've noticed that most IDE's
support the TextMate keyboard shortcuts. I see this as a positive
thing in Rails community since I can pair with people easity,
regaredless of their OS or Editor/IDE. The only place I really haven't
seen it is in Saphire - although that could be remedied.


P.S. TextMate, e, and NetBeans all work fantastically

Yea, that plugin is pretty darn good. Also worth mentioning is the
Project plugin for Vim. It gives Vim more of an 'IDE' feel and it's
quite useful to boot!

Thanks guys for these Vim tips! My productivity will now increase
drastically, or at least, a good bit