Best Rails editor

Hi All,

   I am new to Rails, I was searching for the best Rails IDE for doing
my project. I found Aptana with RadRails, which is very heavy and it
is consuming all my CPU and memory. Can anyone suggest very small
Rails IDE with at least Rails intelligence. This is very important and
please let me know if you know anything. I am totally struck because
of this.


It depends on your operating system. I am on a Mac and really enjoy
TextMate and the Terminal as my development environment. There are,
obviously, much fancier all-in-one systems, but this one works for me.

Colin Summers wrote:

It depends on your operating system. I am on a Mac and really enjoy
TextMate and the Terminal as my development environment.

How long can you go with your hands on the keyboard without grabbing the mouse?

I use Komodo And, of
course, you can use the Xcode in the mac platform.



Honestly, I've tried a dozen others and I keep coming back to Vim over
and over again. With a little bit of work and dedication, I don't
think you'll go back. That said, the main thing is to find one that
works with your development style and then run with it. The editor is
far less important than the person using it.

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netbeans, used IDEA but changed to netbeans.

Your solution: Click me and Click me


I don't like that solution, setting up an auto starting mysql server
on a mac can be a ####.
I do perfere netbeans, because of accelent integration with subversion
and mysql.


It's easy to set up mysql with autostart on os x.

I try to dedicate my very little spare time learning ruby on rails and
I use textmate also...
The problem with IDEs is that you don't know what's going on really...
What does the IDE do? What commands?

why mysql?

The default database setting is sqlite for Rails 2 :slight_smile:

And, I usually use MAMP to be my mysql server :slight_smile:

It’s easy to install and use :slight_smile:

Also, phpMyAdmin included :smiley:

I also get on well with jEdit, on Win and Ubuntu


I like TextMate when working in Mac. And vim when working my home

Like it was said before, the exact editor really isn't that important.
But whatever editor you use, you should know it very well; dig in
every feature it offers;

I prefer Netbeans not for the editor and project qualities (though
they are quite good), but for the excellent debugger.

jep, the debugger is really good.

For Windows: Notepad++,
For Mac: TextMate,

CFC wrote:

why mysql?

Because your public web server should not use sqlite, and sqlite & mysql become incompatible when the wind blows..?

+1 for TextMate if you are on a Mac. I've tried a number of them,
Aptana, RubyMine, Base Eclipse with the rails plugins etc, but keep
coming back to the lightweight TextMate

@Phlip, I can work almost exclusively with just a keyboard in
TextMate. There is a keyboard shortcut for just about anything you can
do with a mouse.

+1 for text mate too if your are on a Mac.
+1 for Vim on the other OS

Win+Linux = There's nothing need to argue, VIM with plugin Rails.vim,
Surrounding.vim and SnippetEmu is the best.
For Mac Vim too but TextMate is a good choice too if u came from
standard IDE solution..
Actually VIM is bit weird but if u mastered it WUIIIIHHHH but on 1
condition u must be 10 finger typist to work on top condition with

+1 for TextMate on OS X.

I’ve used gEdit in GNU/Linux which it’s pretty great.
+1 for InType on Windows platform.