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I'm a novice in Ruby , I want to ask what is the best IDEs to use Ruby for beginners ?

Is eclipse a good choice ?

any idea?

Thanks a lot! Nada

TextMate, although it is not IDE… + *nix console :slight_smile:

I use RedCar or Sublime

In my opinion, no. I find it better not to use an ide at all. Use a decent editor with ruby support (I use jedit with the appropriate plugins which is free and multi-platform) and use the terminal for the rest.

Apart from anything else if you have a problem when using the ide there will be many fewer people here who will be able to help.


use aptana studio 3 it’s free

I highly suggest RubyMine. It is the most complete IDE I have used.

It cost $69 for a personal license. It's worth every penny. You can get a 30 day free license to test it out.

People who tell you they don't use an IDE, but they use some text editor with a gazillion plug-ins, are just fooling you... They are basically trying to build their own IDE anyway. You might have a good one to start with.

You can use Eclipse with Aptana Studio Plugin, or as a standalone Aptana version, but an text editor it's more usefull and i recommend Sublime Text (

I had used Netbeans for Java. Trying to use it for Ruby was a disaster. I would stick to an editor and get comfortable at the command line. (FYI I use Emacs but I know that is not the most popular choice.)

I use Sublime Text 2. It’s a super fast text editor and extremely extensible.

First: Free your mind from the shackle that comes from false belief that IDE's are necessary for superior productivity. IDE's are great for compiledh languages like C or C++ as they can spot syntax errors that will cause your program to not compile. Instead, embrace Behavior Driven Development, write tests for code you haven't written yet, tests for code you have written, consider how to refactor the code that results. Move faster by going slower! Learn to wield your editor like a samurai's sword -- an extension of yourself.

From Agile Web Development with Rails: "It may surprise you to know that most Rails [and Ruby] developers don't use fully fledged IDE's for Ruby or Rails (although some of the environments come close). Indeed many Rails developers use plain old editors. And it turns out that this isn't as much of a problem as you might think. With other less expressive languages, programmers rely on IDEs to do much of the grunt work for them, because IDE's do code generation, assist with navigation, and compile incrementally to give early warning of errors. With Ruby, however, much of this support just isn't necessary. Editors such as Textmate and BBEdit [or E for Windows, or VIM for Linux] give you 90 percent of what you'd get from and IDE but are far lighter weight. Just about the only useful IDE facility that's missing is refactoring support."


+1 for RubyMine. Everything is at your fingertips, and the debugging is great. I keep discovering new features that speed up development.

Tmux + tmuxinator + vim + Janus (bundle of really useful vim plugins for ruby developers) - just started using this combo and it is great - lets you easily build your own very powerful IDE.



+1 for Vim. I prefer the Linux console version.

nada wrote in post #1049268:


I'm a novice in Ruby , I want to ask what is the best IDEs to use Ruby for beginners ?

Is eclipse a good choice ?

any idea?

Thanks a lot! Nada

I recommend working through the Ruby on Rails 3 Tutorial by Hartl ... he walks you through how to use a simple editor + command line expressions to get the job done ... in addition he introduces you to BDD and a nice set of modern gems to include in your dev kit ...

After that if you still want to explore an IDE, go for it - I did and ended up with RubyMine although I still end up using the command line for things here and there.

  • 1 Sublime Text 2, fast and versions to Mac, Linux and Windows…

Since you are a beginner, take some advice -- give up the idea of getting an IDE.