dev tool

Can anyone suggest a development tool for RoR? How is the plugin for

I like RubyMine - it's not free, but worth it, IMO.


I'd suggest TextMate if you had a Mac, but then I guess you wouldn't
be asking :slight_smile:
So I suppose you are on Windows or Linux. In which case I recommend
vim :).

This is what I'm using and I do have a Mac (actually 3 of them :slight_smile:

I used TextMate for a couple of years but eventually got drown back to
I just can't give up the power it has.

My .vimrc setup with a lot of rails related goodies can be found at

There is a README with most useful

Aptana RadRail,Netbeans i'm using these 2 for my dev. pretty cool for
me try it.

+1 for Vim and rails.vim plugin.

Mlle wrote:

Can anyone suggest a development tool for RoR? How is the plugin for

Don't bother with Eclipse, or indeed with any big IDE -- Rails doesn't
benefit from their use. Just use a good text editor (my preference is


I had used Eclipse + Aptana plugin, but I prefer NetBeans.



For java i like eclipse, but i don’t use an ide for rails. In mac i use textmate plus shell and in linux i use gedit plus shell.

And man, in my opinion these are very powerfull tools for development with ruby (and rails).

Ricardo Valeriano

I have used NetBeans for the last 1.5 years. It has nice support for
Rails/Ruby. I would suggest looking at NetBeans if you want an IDE.

That being said, make sure you understand what the IDE is doing for
you behind the scenes - I see too many developers who know how to
invoke stuff via an IDE but don't really know what is actually being
done in the application framework.