switch database adapter

newbie question:

I am starting a new application via:

$ rails myapp

when I startup the webrick server via:

$ server/script webrick

and then goto http://localhost:3000/ and click on: "About your
applications environment"

it shows I am using the sqlite3 Databse Adapter.

How can I force my default db to be mysql?



your environment/database.yml should look like it :
  adapter: mysql
  encoding: utf8
  database: mydb_development
  username: my_username
  password: my_password
  host: localhost

do the same for production et test environements


$ rails -d mysql myapp

to preconfigure your app with mysql (or any other adapter). ah and
btw.. have a look at the other arguments of the rails command too, run
`rails --help`.

Thank you...couldn't find that anywhere!