error switching to mysql database

Hi All,
This is a rather trivial question, but i am sure this works for most
of you but it just doesnot work for me.
I am using Rails 2.2.2 on ubuntu. I created a rails app and i wanted
to change the development database to one in mysql. So i created a
database in mysql and changed the database.yml file to the following,

  adapter: mysql
  encodeing: utf8
  database: jukebox
  username: root

However, when i start the server, and open the page in the browser i
get the error saying that something is gone wrong and when i look at
the development log file, it has the following entry:
require 'rubygems/gem_runner'

I know i can install a new version of the rails app with "rails app -d
mysql" but can someone tell me what i am missing here...


  encodeing: utf8

you have a typo: "encoding".

but for your log-entry, i have no idea.

Oh yeah.. thanks for pointing out...

I apparently had to install mysql as a gem as well after installing in
ubuntu, which solved the problem.