Ruby update

Hello, I'm using instantrails 2 to develop RubyOnRails projects on
windows and need to update my ruby version to 1.8.7 (I'm still using
1.8.6). I downloaded ruby 1.8.7 here
and unzipped files in the ruby folder of instantrails but when I check
"ruby -v" I still got 1.8.6 (I tried a gem update and same thing, some
gems won't update because they detect ruby 1.8.6 and not 1.8.7).

Any idea what I'm doing wrong??

You should check railsinstaller … or even better try to change to a linux distribution :slight_smile:


The files you download are the source code, you'll have to compile it to have it available as a binary on your machine. Not sure how that squares with InstantRails, though. You might want to look at RailsInstaller from Engine Yard, which I gather is the latest thing for Windows + Rails. Someone else with experience using Posix software on Windows can probably point out my errors and what you should do.


Hello Javier and Walter,

First thanks for your reply. I already had a look at RailsInstaller
but I would prefer not to change my development environment, just
update ruby to 1.8.7...I'm gonna keep looking for a solution about


You can take a look at Pik gem, it works very similar to RVM with the difference that this works on windows =D

Here’s the URL:

I have done exactly what you describe and it did work. Did the files from the zip end up in the ruby/bin and ruby/lib folders? As this is Windows you probably should reboot if you havn't.

I think I find I did something different. I downloaded
binaries from
and they worked fine. As
someone said what you have downloaded is the source and you
really do not need that.

Thank you all for the help, I used the binaries files you said
(actually Walter was right from the beginning...) and it worked great!