Does anyone know if InstantRails will be upgraded for Rails 2.1? I see a lot of threads where people are discussing problems upgrading from 2.0 to 2.1. I would rather wait for InstantRails2.1 if it was close? Thanks. Bharat

Well, version 2.1 seems to have been just released on May 31, 2008. I don't think Instanrails will come out with a new update right away, since they hadn't updated their site in about 7 months. I don't want to speak for them, but that's just my guess. And yeah, there are some problems. I'm actually working out a problem right now, it's realllllly frustrating...

- Jake

Jake, I presume your programming on a Windows environment by using InstallRails? You mention some problems. I too am in this environment and am happy to help with the new 2.1 changes. By the way, they just started a Ruby Rails Windows forum if you're interested. Kathleen

Hello Kathy, Two things: 1. Would you be willing to publish a step-by-step short doc detailing upgrade to 2.1? May be you can post it on Rails/Windows forum. 2. What is the URL for this forum? I would like subscribe. Thanks. Bharat


I am the maintainer of the InstantRails project and plan on getting something out in the short term. I am waiting to hear some news on the Ruby One-Click installer with some security updates and such and wanted to roll everything up into a new release.

I will follow up the the maintainer of Ruby One-Click Installer and see how what the time line is like and announce something here. If the installer is too far off I can get a new build of InstantRails done in a day or so and get it posted.

I don't think the actual act of upgrading to Rails 2.1 is hard, I have done it on several machines and had no problems. Some of the issues are to do with changes to Rails 2.1 and maintaining code compatibility.

Thanks for the continued interest.

-Rob Bazinet

Rob, Thank you for doing such a wonderful job. Of all the Rails installations, InstantRails is by far the most useful. I have two linux machines and am pretty proficient linux user, but nothing beats the practical utility of InstantRails. Combine it with NetBeans, and you have a really good Rails development environment. Regards, Bharat


Thank you but I cannot take much of the credit. The original work was by Curt Hibbs who made it all happen. I have taken it over in the last year since Curt was so busy.

I am glad to hear it is useful to you and others.


Bharat, I used Netbeans 6.1 and simply update my Ruby gems through their IDE. This is the link to the site you requested:


first i'd also say that instant rails is extremely useful and thank Rob for continuing the good work. i'm using it and updated my rails gems to 2.1 with no problem using "gem update rails" so i don't see an urgency to change the IR package. but i'd like to know if there is any plan to change the apache version to 2.2, so IR users can use mongrel clusters or passenger (mod_rails).