Instant Rails 2.0 Released

I am happy to announce the release of Instant Rails 2.0. This is my first release after taking over the project for Curt Hibbs. I hope I can do as good a job as he has, thanks Curt.

This release is part of bringing the environment up-to-date, no earth shattering changes but the following is updated:

Thanks to everyones input in this release and I will be announcing future updates from the comments I have received as well as future input.

-Rob Bazinet

Hi Rob,

Thanks to you and Curt Hibbs for a most important Rails support

1. Upgraded to InstantRails 2 today 30/12/2007.

2. Mongrel wont run.

3. No SCGI_Rails file in my previous app's root or public subdirectory
as stated in "How to Upgrade Notes".
"The way SCGI_Rails is implemented has changed. In Instant Rails
the SCGI Rails Runner ("scgi_rails") was physically placed in your
"public" subdirectory, and a startup cmd file ("start_scgi.cmd") was
in your app's root directory."

4. No "Configure SCGI Settings .." button on my IR interface as stated
in the notes.
"For each Rails application, select it and press the button
      "Configure SCGI Settings...""

5. The normal Apache and Windows config file options are on the IR
interface as before and I have updated these.

5. Am I missing something basic? (apologies if I am) Help!