RoR and GoDaddy

Indeed, A2hosting’s support is top notch, very responsive, very helpful and as long as your site doesn’t need to cope with high traffic or memory intensive tasks, they’re great and cheap.

I do have some problems with A2hosting. One of my apps running at a2hosting uses send_file to send an mp3 file (ranging between 3-10 MB) and after about 10 downloads, an “Failed to allocate memory” message pops up or the mongrel is terminated. I think this is caused by the combination of freezing the rails gem in the vendor’s directory (I had to do this, because otherwise the acts_as_attachment plugin fails to load and the mongrel fails to start properly) and having to use “:streaming => false” (if I don’t, every download just kills the mongrel without any error reporting). All I’m saying is: if you have a low profile site, a2hosting is a great shared host, if your site has to handle file downloads and you have the cash, go for a VPS from Rimuhosting.

Best regards

Peter De Berdt