ROR host: dreamhost or godaddy?

If you search the list for GoDaddy you are likely to find very few
success stories and many painful experiences. Dreamhost has a couple
of praises but has seen its fair share of horror stories as well.
Railsplayground is my host too (wonderful service) so I recommend
them. Others are using Rails Machine is pretty slick... but they are
sold out. Engine Yard is probably another good place to check out.

Dreamhost is great… I don’t host anything that is mission critical on a shared host… but for blogs, small sites, svn repos, etc, you can’t beat it.

Railsplayground is really nice with awesome support. I like Dreamhost’s configuration system much better though.

Register with Godaddy or whoever else. You need to pick a registrar that allows enough control over your nameserver settings.
Use Their service is excellent, price is great.
I"m using vhost w/ ssh and I’m very happy. Even had a chat session with customer service to solve a typo install problem and they were very helpful.

My only issue with Godaddy is that getting separated nameserver & MX settings required setting up the free “hosted” site and then using the Total Domain Control widget to point the server settings to everywhere else. It’s a little weird, but seems to work ok.

+1 for I prefer deploying on a VPS or dedicated server, but for shared hosts a2hosting is very good, great support and very fast servers.

Best regards

Peter De Berdt

I’m using the lastest RMagick version on a2hosting, I needed FeedTools too (which wasn’t installed), a quick support ticket and half an hour later it was installed. It’s mentioned in their FAQs, I believe.

Best regards

Peter De Berdt

railsplayground also supports rmagick. I am using it on my projects.

I think A2 will allow RMagick. has a nice interface for setting up your DNS
records. I'm not affiliated with them or any other registrar, but I
use them for several domains and have been happy.

I'm sure that there are dozens of others like this who have better
controls than GoDaddy.

-- James

I've already checked and A2 has RMagick.

I also highly recommend A2. Their service has been excellent.

Peter Fitzgibbons wrote:

Steelpixel ( has been outstanding. Great
service and support -- fairly easy to deploy Rails applications. They
also have RMagick available as well as a number of other gems.

I’m pretty late replying here, but we use Very high quality. Not the cheapest, but you get what you pay for.