How do you build a site using RoR on a Godaddy hosting server?

I am completely new to the world of Ruby on Rails. I come from a
strong HTML/Javascript/CSS background and have development experience
with DotNetNuke and Joomla and little in Drupal. I have been looking
for a good book to start diving into RoR. I have a bunch of hosting
accounts with Godaddy to test my skills on and was wondering if there
is a tutorial to get started for RoR using Godaddy hosting services.
All links and books that can be helpful, feel free to post. Thanks in

Godaddy has a deluxe and premium linux plan that have Ruby on Rails w/
FASTCGI as a feature...

Rails is very easy that way and if you setup rails correctly on your
environment this is all you need:

rails my_app
cd my_app
ruby script/server

Go to url http://localhost:3000/

No need for a server before you have more experience...

I find seeing things better to start off than reading 10 chapters...

(reading becomes the only way afterwards, so enjoy your video time :wink:

Good to know, thanks for that valuable bit of information.

Thanks, I will check this site out.

Just so you know getting a rails app up and running on a Godaddy account
is a pain in the #!@. I originally tried to get my app up and running on
Godaddy and after zero support from the phone help center and sketchy
tutorials on how to get thing accomplished I cancelled my account and
signed up with A Small Orange instead who are very helpful in getting
your ror app up and running.