Best place to host ROR website


I finished developing a website in ROR and want to host it.
Which is the best hosting service for ROR???
Someone who will have ROR based tech support too?

I tried godaddy and its pathetic. They used 2.2.2 rails and their
support have no clue of ROR,
Please advise

Try Heroku or if you want to DIY, try SliceHost.

Hi Ritvvij,

There are several good options. If you just need a VPS, take a look at
Slicehost and Linode. If you need something a little more advanced,
take a look at Rails Machine, Joyent, Brightbox, Planet Argon, and
Engine Yard, which are all dedicated Rails hosts. Otherwise, use
Google to find something that suits you. And stay away from
GoDaddy. :wink:

Which of these offer the ability to run Sphinx for search?

I would suggest to go with RailsPlayground for all and any need's of

Can someone also help on how to decide whether to use VPS vs a cloud

Depends on how good sys admin you are. VPS/Slice is better in my opinion.

I would recommend Dreamhost as a rails host. They were probably the first ones to use Phusion Passenger.

They don’t cost much, and they also have a dedicated host for you.

I use them for one of my high traffic site (compared to the traffic the other sites get).

You get pretty much unlimited disk space, unlimited mysql, unlimited subdomains and unlimited bandwith.

My above statement obviously does not matter if you get to twitter/facebook fame, but for any site dreamhost is your site.

I have heard quite a few people complain abut them, but they have always answered me on support, and always when something goes wrong, it is my fault. I have been with them for 4-5 years now.

You do get a discount by telling them my e-mail address, and you get 97 days money paid back no questions asked. They currently have rails 2.2.2 on the server I use, but I am quite sure if you ask, they will move you to a server which has 2.3.3 if that is a must.

Also, I might add, I also have bough a slice at (DHH blogged about them once). They offer great service and fantastic prices, BUT you have to do everything your self. You have to setup and maintain database, webserver, firewalls and everything else.

As with dreamhost, put in my e-mail address :slight_smile: and you also get a no question asked money back guarantee.

Slicehost knows Ruby on Rails extremely well, as does dreamhost. They have both offered advice and support for free.

Check these two out. I will say that I have no affiliations with either one company, except I am a customer.

Hope this helps somewhat,


I am very happy with Rails Machine -

+1 for rails playground.
Totally proffesional rails gurus, live chat available manned by rails
techies 24/7, uber helpfull and totally competetive pricing.

Sometime a little too helpfull, I struggled with writing my first
deploy.rb script and asked them in live chat bout what to do and they
wrotew it for me without even asking them Not bad for $5 p/m!

IMO Rails hosting with the personal touch, flexible plans and totally
trust worthy.

Oh by the way all plans come with 1 x free sourcerepo account to use as
a source code/vcs repository that works happily with GIT and SVN plus
others and you can also use redmine for a project management tool if you
wish for free!

I've used dreamhost and I've used a few others none have come anywhere
near touching rails playground.