Suggestions for a rails webhost...

I have multiple domains I want to move to a rails host. I would like
full SSH access to the servers, ftp, and a knowledgeable support staff
that I can get on the phone.

Any suggestions? has been a great one that I use for several sites.

Sean McGilvray & Sarena Byers
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What about engineyard. They're bloody awesome

I disagree. Trying to get actual service out of these guys is a ridiculous nightmare

I have not had any problems up to this point with service from them. They have been spot on, with quick replies.

Sean McGilvray & Sarena Byers
Identity Theft Specialist
Pre-Paid Legal Service’s, Inc. NYSE:PPD
Phone: 760-486-1019

Someone registered a domain with them, and trying to move away from them was almost impossible. Trying to get any technically sensible response was equally fruitless.

I am sorry to hear that. I do not register any domains with them. Mine are all done through

Thank you for letting me know though.

Sean McGilvray & Sarena Byers
Identity Theft Specialist
Pre-Paid Legal Service’s, Inc. NYSE:PPD
Phone: 760-486-1019

Both Hostgator and Godaddy are well known for their dubious domain name hijacks through sister companies. Getting support from either of them was a living nightmare, mostly resulting in either a standardized reply telling us to stuff it or a “I’m wery sory, but dat isn’t icluded in our servises, regards, John Smith” reply telling us to stuff it.

Godaddy and Hostgator were the reason we abandoned shared hosting completely, so in a way we should thank them. The horror they both were caused us to bite the bullet, spend a few extra dollars on our hosting and live the happy business life from there on.

That said, I want to mention Rimuhosting’s VPSs (, because both their servers and especially support is amazing. We’ve been a customer with them for years now and I couldn’t say one bad word about that host.

Best regards

Peter De Berdt

What do people think about hosting it on EC2 (Amazon Cloud)? I havn’t tried it, but am looking for responses.

+1 for Slicehost

Great service and fast servers.

I'd suggest taking a quick look at Slicehost.

I've just set up a VPS there a couple of days ago and so far I'm
really impressed with them. It's also relatively cheap compared to
other services and you get root SSH access to your Slice (thats how
they call the VPS). You can choose from different platforms and it
could be ready in 5 minutes after the registration.

Also the company consist of professional Rails developers who are
helpful. Also their internal wiki has a lot of helpful articles.

Yet another 1+ for Slicehost. They were recently bought by RackSpace,
but nothing has changed operationally. Great systems and service!

We host on EC2. I
think it beats anything else for dev+test environments (since you can
create and tear down instances very easily and pretty quickly, thanks
to the various projects out there that let you do this --see [1]).

For production, my impression is that it’s more expensive than some
other options, but that’s not based on any empirical evidence. If you
need to be able to scale up and down quickly, then it can’t be beat
(right now you have to roll your own auto-scaling, but Amazon has
announced intentions to provide this as a service [2]) . But if your
configuration is going to be largely static, I suspect you’ll do better
pricewise with another vendor.


[1] We use [2]

Richard Aday wrote:

+1 for slicehost

I had been looking for several months to move my sites (both RoR and
old-fashioned) off of my home servers and finally pulled the trigger
when I read that the Rails Rumble is hosted by
. It's funny that I hadn't heard of them until then given how much
searching I had done over that time. Their pricing, ease of use, ease
of upgrading, etc is simply great. I'm very happy with them.


yap, slicehost +1 =) but it depends how much you want to spent, with
slice host you have complete control of you server, but of course a
VPS is more expensive than a simple host service.

Some helpful comments here. Does anyone have any experience using
these from the UK.


As far as I know Slicehost doesn’t host VPSs in the UK. We recently migrated our US-based Rimuhosting server accounts to a new server in their UK datacenter (BlueSquare in Maidenhead). The dramatic improvement in ping time does make quite a difference to be honest, especially for applications that use quite a bit of AJAX. Rimuhosting’s VPSs though are not located in the UK either. A friend of mine has a VPS with and is quite happy with them (Java applications). I must however add that he didn’t need any help setting up a server etc.

Best regards

Peter De Berdt