Alright, I'm Ready to Showcase Week 1 Progress... but where to host?

I have been busy w/ learning Rails and building this semi-ecommerce website as a test project for the last week and I I want to show it to you guys... but where should I host it?

Looking around the web and in this group, here are the companies I noticed and what ppl thought of them: * * heroku * OCSsolutions - don't do git * - don't do git * planet argon - don't do tech support (okay, they do, but it's crap) * Engine Yard - I'm impressed but their prices are minimum $350/month * Rails Machine - * godaddy * - Starts at $20/month

Which one would you go for? I don't want to go for a full VPS or a dedicated rails server yet ... which means I don't want to spend more than $20/month hosting this thing... $35/month tops... since this is a play project :slight_smile:

I'm leaning towards What do you guys think?

I use Slicehost and really like it. But didn't you say you didn't want to go with a full VPS? Unless they have options I don't know about, you start with a fresh install of your favorite Linux distribution (from a list of course), and you build it the way you want it. It's your server and you have to do everything.

Peace, Phillip

I'm very happy with A Small Orange, I have half a dozen sites there, (though none are high-traffic.) Customer service is very fast. Two days before Christmas, at 9pm, I decided to put up a new a site. Before 10pm it was up and running and addressable. And it only cost $25 for a year of hosting (on the "tiny" plan, which is perfect for play projects). (that's a referrer link. Anything earned by it (100%) will go towards a local orphanage (which was the site I put up on the 23rd.)

Here's a non-referrer link:


+1 for Slicehost! With their tutorials and forum, it's easy as pie. I got up and running in 1 day.


I decided to go w/ Slicehost based on your recommendations. I think it's a good deal but I wish they came pre-setup for ROR so I wouldn't have to do all this configuring. I'm sure I'll love it once it's all set up but for now, I am not the biggest fan... except for their customer service... which seems to be very very reachable & helpful... especially their chat.

I suggest ubuntu, then you can roll out quite easily with capistrano and "buy mike a beer" depec.

google for the above. slicehost has a great wiki article on doing a rails install with the above tools.

cheers, Jodi