which rails hosting?


I am about to choose a hosting company for rails project. The site
isn't expected to be hight traffic but we will have at least half a
Gigabyte of files. No I have a dilemma, and wonder what your
experiences were with my potential candidates.


My client's current hosting company doesn't provide Rails hosting and
programming in PHP is a pain.
So if there's anything I should know about any of these companies or
if you can suggest another which will cost around £4 per month or less
then please let me know.

Maybe if the needs grow we can decide to pay more but we don't want to
pay too much at the moment.



I am about to choose a hosting company for rails project. The site

isn’t expected to be hight traffic but we will have at least half a

Gigabyte of files.

If you are open to options not on your list, check out Heroku and use Amazon S3 for your storage. I dont think you will find anywhere easier, cheaper and reliable. You can start virtually free (just paying for your S3 storage), and then you can scale on Heroku as needed.

Firstly, +1 for Heroku and Amazon S3. It’s very cheap to start. If you really scale, there is a point where you might want to roll your own cloud hosting directly with EC2 to lower the costs, but it’s really the perfect way to get started and can grow with you if it’s worth continuing to pay the premium for the simplicity they provide.


Secondly, what’s up with clients and GBP4/mo hosting? How much do you charge them an hour? Doesn’t it cost more for them to get you to spend a few hours looking for a cheap host than it would for them to just pay for hosting? If a client isn’t willing to pay GBP30-40 a month for hosting I have to question the value proposition of whatever they’re having developed . . . (assuming it isn’t a not for profit, a local club/group, etc).


Best Wishes,


Hi Jack!

have you ever considered cloud hosting?! There is a great platform called Heroku.com. I know companys which have moved all there server storage to Heroku. Check out the site.



Engine Yard!

+1 to heroku
for start small project is fine
after that u can move to EngineYard or your own servers
EngineYard has a good support, really good)
bud offers for server u can find more cheaper for example linode or rackspacecloud

This is true. The thing that makes me like Engine Yard more, amongst the good support is the deployment that gets super-fancy-easy with their gem http://rubygems.org/gems/engineyard :smiley:

Hello Bigos and all!

First of all I don't recommend the last hosting for nothing at all.
Others are also not real Rails hosting.

I suggest you read through this article it helped me a lot:

If you can use Git then try out Heroku. If you can't find your way try
to follow this:
In Chapter 1-2 you already make a site into production.

Hostingrails http://hostingrails.com/ has great support too and they
have a 1 year free plan (only for domain), but later you have to pay.
I think they're also professionals and have good articles about
deployment, but nothing is as easy as pushing to Heroku if you already
learnt it.
(Engineyard seems perfect choice but I don't know them, I can't

The best is to try their support: ask basic questions from staff and
from billing. You can test the reaction time and patient,
profficiency, it's important later. Pay attention to have the
possibility for growing.
Best wishes,

Judging by the list he gave, he is looking for hosting that are in the united kingdom. is there any problem you must place your hosting on uk?