I am looking at moving my first Rails application to production. In my
search, HostingRails comes out as a good option for hosting the app...
any folks care to share their experiences with this provider? Or your
thoughts on the preferred provider. Cost IS a major consideration.


If you could give a little more info about your needs I can suggest a
more targetted solution. Is this a commercial venture or more of a
hobby or experimentation? You say cost is an issue. Shared hosting
will be cheaper, but your performance will vary, and you may have more
restrictions on what you can do in the way of plugins and such.

Thanks for the response folks... appreciate it.

I am designing a site for internal use of a worldwide NGO. Initial
usage will be from about 1000 total users and is expected to scale to
about 5000 in a year more.

Since it is a non-profit NGO, cost is an issue. Trust this clarifies.

I know this is primarily an opinion-based question, but if anyone has
had bad experiences with hostingrails, it would be great to know in
advance, that's all. Otherwise their costs agree with me and I would
be quite willing to sign up for their 1 year deal.

I did have a look at The rates shown there are
different (at least at hostingrails).


PS: I did send a mail yesterday to HostingRails asking them how I can
use NaviCat MySQL to manage my databases with them. I dont have a
response (24 hours, fingers crossed!). By the way, <mixplate>, can I
do that?