Descent RoR shared hosting

Hi everyone. I was in the market for wordpress host today and i thought
while i was at it why not get a hosting provider that can support RoR
too. I just about to begin to try to learn rails & ruby. I'm a .net
developer. It won't be any site with much load but of course id like to
pick a hoster that kept ruby & rails somewhat current (without me having
to do it manually) and i don't want to have to fight to deploy RoR
projects. FYI I'll just be using cheap shared hosting and not a VPS. My
site won't get enough traffic for the higher end hosting. I'm currently
looking at Host Gator & BlueHost. Any recommendations would be


Cheap hosting for learning purposes?

Go to It’s free, works very well and is used in production. Google the getting started guide and good luck.