looking for specific rails hosting company


I'm looking for a Rails hoster that supports my needs. To sum up the important ones: * SSH access * mongrel support * multiple subversion repositories with trac * mysql support * statistics (webalizer/awstats/mrtg/rrdtool) * rmagick support * webdav support * responsive techsupport * not too expensive ( ~$10-$15/month max)

And less important, it would be a plus if it's European (better latency for me) and SQLite support would be a plus too.

I know there are quite a few threads about Rails hosting already, but I can't seem to find one that suits my needs. It doesn't need to be ultrafast and I don't generate much traffic, it's just for development and testing purposes.

I've come across the following parties:


http://www.railsplayground.com/plans/basic/index.html http://hosting.steelpixel.com/ http://www.mmmultiworks.com/application-hosting.html

any hints, warnings, experiences etc are welcome

thanks, Gijs

I had problems with dreamhost (very slow, support was pretty bad, down twice during the 1 month I held my account). Main problem was the fact that the databases were on a different server than the site, and the database server was SLOOOOOOOOW. They said they were aware and are working on it. I did some googling and found people complaining about the same thing about a year earlier-- I wasn’t going to hold my breath.

Switched to site5… a little more expensive and I’m not a huge fan of how they handle their user accounts (it would be kind of unprofessional if you were to host sites for clients and had to give them FTP access, since the access is like userid@yourid or something like that). Other than that, the server has been great, no downtime at all that I’ve noticed… servers are very fast and the support is responsive and helpful. I would recommend, although as of now I dont’ believe they support mongrel.

Adam Maddox wrote:

Im looking to switch from bluehost.


have found the following to be the closest fit. Can anyone comment on these hostings companies ?

http://www.hostingrails.com/ http://railsplayground.com/plans/advanced/index.html

and possibly dreamhost, but they dont have trac and MONGREL.   

I only have experience using Railsplayground. Excellent service! I highly recommend them.

Jamey Cribbs