Best host

Hi Will,

Will Gant wrote:

I'm trying to host a small RoR website with
a MySQL backend. This site will have minimal
traffic and needs to be easy to set up. What host
would you recommend and why? We can't
afford a dedicated server, so I'm guessing that
we will need a place that uses Mongrel.

Any thoughts?

I had similar requirements and went with a2hosting, primarily because they offered Mongrel and they were the only service that offered a 'pathway' from shared through VPS to dedicated hosting (I've got high hopes :wink: ). Prices are very good. Rails is already set up. Their support has been great. It seems like all Rails-related questions go right to the Level 3 folks. I do not have any personal experience with other Rails hosting servicves, but based on the complaints I see from others re: their providers, I recommend a2hosting for shared hosting of Rails apps.