Recommended rails courses for beginners

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I’m a beginner in web development and rails. I’m following the rails tutorial by Michael hartl . It’s great. In addition to that ,do we have something like laracasts for rails? What are your recommendation in regards to ruby on rails resources.

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I’ll recommend that book that I learned Rails from, and ask every new hire that is not familiar with it to learn from: Agile Web Development With Rails, Version 7. The original version was written by DHH (the creator of Rails).

You don’t need to read the entire book. Chapters 5 to 13 will be enough (it’s the ones I read)

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Railscasts was a thing back in the day but that’s since been archived and for something similar check out GoRails:

Beginner course: Learn Ruby on Rails for Beginners course

Series: Ruby on Rails Screencast Series | GoRails

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The Pragmatic Studio courses.

What’s a good first rails application to build (as a jr developer)?

I built a group purchasing ecommerce website, but have nothing to sell. (lol)

Twitter clones, blogs, and todo managers, and web chat are all popular learning apps. But think about something that is fun for you - it is more fun to write fun apps. Are you a sports fan? Maybe a site where you can bet or discuss games. The sky’s the limit!

How do i go about building a business after building my website.

This is a completely shameless plug, but I’m writing a book designed to level-up after Michael Hartl’s Rails tutorial.

It might be useful for you!