Completely begginer on programming

Hi guys!

I´ve just heard about Rails. It seems really good and I would like to
know if anyone could give a tip about how to start programming on

Important: it should be something focused on beginners. Although I can
program some HTML and JavaScript, I have no experience on backend
programming at all.

I work for Wunderman Brazil as Project Manager (currently managing web
projects for Nokia on LatAm) and I do not plan to be a expert
programmer, I just want to a more in-depth vision of what Rails is
about, and maybe do some simple programming for my own (and small)

Any tip for an unexperienced programmer? Could be a website, a forum,

Thanks a lot in advance.

Best regards,

Go and Buy the following,

Simply Rails 2 by Patrick Lenz

Agile Web Development with Rails, Third Edition by the Pragmatic
Programmmers (Is only a pdf right now but you get the book when its
published too) - Though a lot of the stuff on there is for pre

and ask questions here and at

they all helped me to get going...

I recommend everything he said, and then add The Art of Rails as well
as just a generally good book to read about Rails. Also, don't forget
about looking at some Ruby books too in order to brush up on those

Most of all, after working on-and-off with Rails for I think almost
two years now, don't give up and keep reading. I have a small library
of Ruby and Rails books and I can't understand 3/4s of it, but I keep
on finding little things in each new book to add to my "bag of
tricks." Plus, I'll look at the books later and know more and learn
more. It is a wonderful cycle.

I recommend the Lynda screencast series for RoR... Several episodes
are no longer compatible with Rails 2.x, but I found working around
those incompatibilities to be a good learning experience in debegging
and troubleshooting.

If you're starting without much background the screencasts walk
through alot of detail that isn't covered in other screencasts or


this is a tough one, reano, because before learning rails you must learn
ruby and before that you must learn object orientation programming. i
learned java before ruby and i thought that i could use rails from the
start, but only after reading a ruby book i could figure out how rails

Thanks a lot for all answers.