Noobie Questions

Hi, I am former Visual Basic developer who's been resting on his
laurels for a while. And now finding that in order to work must learn
a new technology.

RoR looks like a great tool set to learn. And, finally, after many
years in a ms environment am excited to work in a clean and fresh

Just ordered some Ruby/Rails books - as recommended on various
websites. Joined this list (obviously) and prepped my Mac.

I'd like to learn by making an app that's interested me for a while.
Possibly spending a couple or more months over it.

Has anyone on the list got anything to share about their own
experiences of getting to know their way around RoR? Particularly
interested to hear about which resources / tools you use, and how you
did your learning - working through or dipping into a book. Stuff that
was particularly hard to get your head around.

Basically looking for tips and things to think about.

Thanks! And if there's an FAQ I should be reading, please point me there.


Thanks so much for all that info.

"Agile Web Development with Rails" is one of the books on order. I
have a PDF version, but find it much, much easier to use a hard copy.

Do you use RadRadails? I've been playing around with TextMate, but
would prefer to use a more enhanced IDE, so am looking at RadRails.

Lots of reading to do!


hi shauna

i use radrails for editing and instantrails for the http and mysql server

if you like textmate, syntax highlighting and line numbers there is a textmate skin for radrails which do it

Hi Toby,

Welcome to Rails! As a VB guy, you might find my blog helpful, aimed
for people like you and me that used to use VB or C# (or like me, still
do for their day job :slight_smile: Use the Search box at the top to search for
topics, because unfortunately we lost our categorization when we moved
to a new server last week. I would recommend our series of articles
titled "Why Rails" which explains why we as Microsoft developers became
enamored with Rails instead.

Anyway, For IDEs, RadRails is worth a try, but I also suggest RideMe
(, or even Scite, which comes with the Ruby
one-click installer that you probably already used to get Ruby on your

And definitely be familiar with the official Wiki
( which can help save you some time,