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Hi Guys. I'm a developer, not full time, but I'm studying Information Systems (and so learning VB.NET) and also learnt extensive Python and Java at school, but I really would love to learn Ruby on Rails as as far as I'm concerned you can really build some killer web applications using it and many of the big websites we know today of Web2.0 land where written in Ruby before moving to Scala (cue Twitter).

My question then is does anyone know some up to date guides/videos/etc that would allow me to learn RoR? I've done extensive searches and since the framework changed slightly in the latest version there are little annoyances that don't allow me to work through their examples.

Any one have any ideas? Possibly guides you've used that you could recommend?

Anh Tang wrote in post #949571:

Thanks Anh :slight_smile: Actually seen this one already, find it a bit difficult to follow at times, so any other suggestions would be welcomed?

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