Learning RoR

Hey. I'm just getting into RoR and was hoping someone could direct me
to the best learning resources.

P.S.: I took a couple computer sciences courses in university (learned
some Java and C++).


hi, its will be help u)
Ivan Nastyukhin

Try the book Agile Web Development with Rails. If you go through the
tutorial you will have a foundation.

If you are new to Ruby too, don’t forget to take a look at “The Well Grounded Rubyist”. It’s an awesome book.

I agree with DK: Agile Web Development with Rails, the last edition
covers Rails 3. The tutorial (first part of the book) is what you need
to get started. I watched the ruby videos at http://www.lynda.com/ but
it is a bit outdated. Than do not forget popular screencasts sites:

railscasts.com - intermediate level, best screencasts on Rails
learnivore.com - list of screencasts sites
http://peepcode.com/ - good quality but commercial
http://ruby5.envylabs.com/ - podcasts
http://www.informit.com/store/product.aspx?isbn=0321517067 - DVD
course, I suppose it is outdated
google, blogs and, of course, http://guides.rubyonrails.com/