Rails video tutorails

Hi I want to dive into rails this weekend. Does anyone knows where I can download free video tutorials on rails, or other resources which can get me started quickly. Thanks

If I was you I would buy the PDF version of the agile web development book. You'll have it at once and it is perfect to get you started really quick.



Henry Addo wrote:

Thanks all. Will check them out.

And you could check out the videos at PeepCode too! They are good, but I wouldn't start with them.


There are a wide variety of rails related videos free of charte at

Ryan Bates's RailsCasts are unbelievably good, especially if you're just starting out. Absolutely check them out.

Rubyology (http://www.rubyology.com) covers ruby and rails and a whole lot more.

Thanks to you all for the various links to the tutorials. Now I'm on my feet with rails