Agile Web Dev with Rails

Is anyone else currently working their way through creating the depot application in this book?

I am on Task D and thought it might be useful and fun to work together on this. Sort of a study group.

Particularly on the 'PlayTime' assignments. I never did get the playtime stuff from task C finished and now I am faced with the playtime from Task D. Yikes!

I have MSN, Yahoo, and ICQ IM accounts if anyone is interested.

:slight_smile: Jee

Hi Jee!

I'm also working my way through the book. I'm doubling my experience by entering the stuff on my laptop and then a few days later repeating the steps on my home pc -- just so it sinks into my head really well ;o)

I've complete Task B so far on my laptop and now I'm running into some rake issues on my home pc towards the end of task A (AddTestData), and I'm wondering why...

Anyways, know sure how we can run a study group online, but I'm willing to try.

I'll wait for your reply! Cheers! :o)


Good Morning Marc,

I am doubling my experience as well. Great minds think alike, eh?

As for a study group online, well, we could just exchange emails or IM contact info for now. If we end up with quite a few people interested, I could host a BBEdit bulletin board. What sounds most useful to you?

I finished Task A and B and would be glad to discuss them with you. I am going to be awfully busy today, but go ahead and post some details and I will get to them asap. Thanks for your willingness! :slight_smile: Jee

Marc Beaudry wrote:

Kewl! :o)

I have a gmail account... beaudry.marc at, you guessed it, ''. We could use the IM within gmail to chat (if you don't have a gmail account, I can send you an invitation).



Marc, I just emailed you. It is under a different name, so look for a subject of Agile Web Dev w/ Rails

Thanks, Jee

Sorry it has been so long since I posted. Things have been crazy here.

When you have time, elaborate on what issues you are having with adding test data. I completed that one successfully, so may be of use!

Talk to you soon! Jee