Finally we release the Ruby on Rails 5-day course

Hello everyone! We held a 5-days Ruby on Rails course in june here in Sweden. The course content, samples, applications and other stuff is all written in English. We agreed on selling this content to raise some smaller amounts for monthly hosting bills for new projects. It consists of a PDF-file which holds 350 pages formatted by per day. It also consists of a whole bunch of samples and applications connected to the day and page you are on at the moment.

We just opened up the doors to our Shopify shop where you can the product.

Hello! The course materials have been mode to a different home and are now available here instead:

The course materials is over 300 slides and exercises plus solutions and a sample application. If you are a beginner to intermediate Rails developer then this material, and especially the exercises, could be a good complement to the Agile Web Development with Ruby book and other books. The section on Ruby is fairly extensive.

If there is sufficient interest, I will release screencasts to go with the slides at a later stage and make those available as well.

Any feedback is most welcome.

Thank you!

Peter Marklund

Typo in my previous post - said "Agile Web Development with Ruby" but of course meant to say Agile Web Development with Rails.



Welcome to the real world :slight_smile:

Wow 20% inflation in 6 days :slight_smile: I could have sworn it was $49 the other day ? Dave Porter