Ruby training? Worry no more.

Thank you, Kevin Skoglund.

For an amazing video tutorial with Ruy on Rails Essential Training.
Really good job explaining all that matters with the simplicity it
needs to be understood by "newbies". Loved the array > pocket

I hereby recommend it to everyone that's starting to develop on ruby
as well as newbies to the entire webdev scene.


// garfeee



Thanks for the kind words and recommendation.

Ruby on Rails Essential Training is being updated for Rails v3 and
I'll be releasing a separate Ruby Essential Training soon.


That's great Kevin, looking forward to it.

Garfeee wrote:

That's great Kevin, looking forward to it.

Knowing how boring lynda videos are, I wouldn't have high expectations
for this video...

it's also over 2 years old.


It might be 2 years old (he just said he's working on a new version),
but it sure as hell ain't boring. So far is the best video tutorial
I've watched concerning Ruby on Rails and not just Ruby on Rails for
that matter.

Fernando you should learn your facts before making assumptions. No one
will take you seriously with those arguments, it's basic philosophy.