Ruby on Rails Essential Training

Rails friends,

I'm happy to announce "Ruby on Rails Essential Training" -- over 10.5
hours of video training on the basics of Ruby on Rails. If you are a
beginner or are having a hard time with fundamental concepts in Rails,
this video training should put you on solid footing.

Some of the topics it covers include: the delineation between Ruby and
Rails, Model/View/Controller architecture, the Rails framework, Ruby
programming basics, dynamic interfaces, a (lengthy) examination of
Models and instances, working with databases, SQL basics, creating and
working with relational databases, designing an application, building
a working shopping cart, regulating user access with passwords... and
some best practices advice along the way.

"Ruby on Rails Essential Training" is available online as streaming
video to subscribers of the Online Training Library. (Since
for just $25/month you get unlimited, 24/7 access to all of their
training titles, I think it's the best value.)

It is also available as a CD-ROM for $99.95:

And soon the CD-ROM will be available through as well
(approx. 2 weeks):

"Ruby on Rails Essential Training" is by no means comprehensive, but
it covers all the essentials. If you are already past the basics of
Rails, "Ruby on Rails Beyond the Basics" will be released in the
upcoming months, and more advanced training titles will follow after

If you try it and find that it is helpful, be sure to let me know!

Kevin Skoglund

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