I'm new to Ruby On Rails...

Hi, guys. I'm so happy to join this group. I'm new to ROR. And I
haven't learned or used any other program langueage before. I'm
intrest in develop web-based database-driven prgramming. My company
need to develop a bussiness management system recently. I wanna use
ROR for a try. So, where should I start? In another words, what books
or resources should I read?

I'd start by watching the rails screencast where a sample blog app is
built. Next check out Agile Web Development with Rails. It's pretty
good, and comes with some exercises that you can follow along with.

Also, if you have *never* programmed before, Chris Pine's "Learn to
Program" is a pleasure to read and provides just enough to get started
with Ruby, the language in which the Rails framework is written.


Andy Triboletti wrote:

Thanks a lot! Where can I find those resources you're metioned? When I
googled "Buby on Rails". There're a huge of results. and some results
confused me very well. HAHA.

Thanks, friend. I'll try to google "Learn to Program & Chris Pine".

Here's the screencast link

Here's the agile book link

good luck

Thanks. Everything goes well. :slight_smile: