Beginning Programmer

Hello. I am somewhat of a novice when it comes to programming. To
begin programming in RoR, what other programming languages should I
know, and what is the reading material I should study?

Thanks for any feedback

You will find learning Ruby a very nice start. Don't try and go back
and learn something like C, or even C++.
Here you can learn ruby

Then start your first Rails project. I'd say do the demo in Agile Web
Dev. with Rails and after that start your first application. Search
google, especially the API for what you don't know how to do, and go
from there.

I'd also take a look at "Learn To Program" my Chris Pine, that book
helped solidify some of the concepts of object oriented programming
(OOP) that I was a bit sketchy on. You can find it over at the
pragmatic press.

The best part is it looks at all of the intro programming concepts
with ruby!


I also began with "Learn to Program", then Agile Web Development, 2nd
Ed. I'm now working through "Programming Ruby" (a.k.a. "Pickaxe"),
and I wish that I had read it earlier. The more you know about Ruby,
the better you will ultimately be in Rails. To make things even
better, there's a 3rd edition that's now available for Ruby 1.9

Be patient. Rails is in an interesting place right now, and I know
people who are frustrated with the lack of available resources for
Rails 2.0. Search this list for some recommendations regarding the
newest version of Rails, and don't wait until you've pulled all of
your hair out before you ask questions here, either.


I found "Build Your Own Ruby on Rails Web Applications" by Patrick Lenz
a very good start for a complete newbie.