Intermediate level tutorials

I'm hoping somebody can suggest an intermediate level tutorial or
point me in the right direction.
I'm a moderately experienced programmer (20 + years off and on) but
I'm really struggling to get to grips with Web/RoR development. I'm
reasonably familiar with Python and am getting familiar with Ruby.
Having just spent a whole day trying to get a button to call a method
in a controller I'm clearly missing some fundamental knowledge.

I've worked through a few of the many tutorials with few problems
(wrong Rails version mostly) but they all seem pretty basic.
On the otherhand discussions on here mostly seem to assume more than I

So - any conversion tutorials out there for procedural, non-web

Thanks in advance

Well, have a try at where you can read whole books
online for free. It's a German site, but has a lot of english titles.
Just search for ruby on rails. 'Suchen' means search in German :slight_smile:

I don't know their business model but it's really great.


This book is quite useful, you can just get the PDF version if you

This is a useful place to get info:

I agree with Victor, it's a very good book.

But perhaps you can start with a very good starting book that I bought before the mentioned book.
It's Head First Rails.
It has a very interesting learning concept which cleared a lot of web concept to me

Good luck

Thanks for the replies.
I'll give both the books a read. My gaps do seem to be as much Web
related as Rails.