Advice for RoR begginer, first book

Hi guys, I'm looking for some help, some advice about which book should
get to start to learn Rails. This is not an ordinary case, since I've
mastered Ruby, the language itself. Been working with it for 2 years,
I've made some desktop application, games, also I can programm in BDD
way, know how to use RSpec and Cucumber, and have few experiencie with
databases. But I have 0 experiencie with web development. Which book can
u recommend me to start with Rails? Thanks for your time.

Even so, I would still recommend Michael Hartl's "Rails Tutorial",
free to use online at You can
just skip the bits that are about things you already know.


Thank you Dave, I'll do that. Any more advice?

Mainly what Nike keeps telling you: Just Do It! There's no substitute
for hands-on experience.


If you feel like you need more ruby practice, this is an excellent starting point, and concepts should be understood before digging full speed into rails.

Specifically on Rails:

- Agile Web Dev in Rails (DHH author) -- 4th ed covers Rails 4
- Rails 4 in Action -- still in development, but you can get an early
access copy