rails_upgrade plugin needs your help too

Hey guys,

  Jeremy McAnally is asking for help on https://github.com/jm/rails_upgrade plugin, please contact him preferably on github (http://github.com/jm). I remember some guys asked about rails_upgrade, so now you know just go ahead and ping Jeremy on github or twitter.

Cheers, Santiago.

I was asking for this!

I have at least 9 rails 2.3.8 projects that need to upgrade as soon as possible!

I already asked him for continue maintenance, but I got no answer. Ill send another github message.


I just sent a message to Jeremy offering help. I have several updates to the plugin that i have been waiting to be pulled in.

Thanks for the notice, Santiago.


Hey Everton, Peer,

  Please ping Jeremy on github and if he didn't reply let me know and I will try to reach him. I was talking with him today and he was very pleased to be helped on rails_upgrade.

Thanks guys, Santiago.

I did that yesterday. Waiting for his answer.


Still no answer...

Can u help me with that ?


I have sent him a message.

Any news? I’m pretty excited about this.


No sorry :(, message him through github or twitter. I guess he is very busy. I will try to ask him again.


Any news??


I sent him another message on github.

Ill start working on that, and then we see what we do.

Regards, EMoreth

I just got an answer, he will still maintain it, and Ill send any updates I make.



Great Everton!

Hi, I'm also really excited in this topic, want to upgrade some plugins to Rails 3, both are open-source. Please help me if you're up to. I wrote to Jeremy already, hope he will reply. thank, gezope