Great rails forum software

Hi all,

Anyone interested in collaborating with me to develop great rails
forum software? This will be a rails 3 engine that makes it very easy
to plug into an existing app, integrating with your existing user
model and authentication system.

I started on this a few months ago. I've laid the basic foundation and
solved a lot of the engine issues and made installation really easy,
and I've implemented the basic forum features. I'm still a little ways
from a useful beta still, but I'm far enough that I'd love to enlist
some help and draw upon the wisdom of others.

There are three ways I could use help:

1) Even if you have no time to contribute to the core codebase, if you
would like to have a great rails forum plugin for your rails 3 app,
I'd love to ask you a few questions about your needs; I want to make
sure this addresses real-world use cases beyond just my own.

2) If you'd like to help a bit more, it would also be immensely
valuable if you have an existing rails 3 app to try installing my
alpha and make sure it addresses your core integration needs. I've
tried to make it very easy while still allowing for important
flexibility (i.e. you can specify a base path to mount the forum,
e.g. /help/ )

3) Lastly, I'd love to find some people interested in being active
developers to help me expand the project.

If you'd be willing to help in any of these ways, please contact me


Threaded or flat messages? or both?

I've started with flat, but could easily add the option for fully-
threaded within a topic.