Rail Advice Needed


I am new to rails and need help. I am not a coder, developer, webmaster, but a marketer and I need the “experts” advice on something I am about to do. I while back I purchased a license to some Ruby software for an Ezine and I love using it and how it’s CMS all works so well. I have been using it on the software owners server, but I want to expand it’s use and hopefully update this software to bring it up to date, but just not sure it is worth it or even capable. It was created by PressPublisher.org but now owned and used by PageFarm.com. I use it on my FireMagazines.com and several other sites.

I know it’s an older version of Ruby and looks a little antiquated, so that is where I need advice. I am considering having an India group to upgrade the Ruby version, then make it look a little “slicker”. I would also like to add a better photo album, calendar system and advertising system to make it a true online magazine software that I can use on many more sites. Is it worth the cost and effort to upgrade the version being used? Are there ways to do this w/o messing up everything I like about this software?. Any suggestions, advice, help or offers will be appreciated, Scott

I don’t think this is answerable. We don’t know anything about the software, how you use it or what you’re planning on doing to it, what versions you are upgrading from (and to) etc. As a very general rule, the bigger the upgrade the tougher it is, with ruby 1.8.x → 1.9 and rails 2.3.x → rails 3.x being particularly painful upgrades. Does the current owner of the software maintain it?

Also worth remembering that the rails & ruby version don’t really influence what your site looks like - the two are quite independent.



+1 to Fred's comments, but in addition --

Are you sure your "license" allows you to modify the software? I'd confirm that before doing anything -- consult an attorney if necessary.

Regardless of that answer, if you're using this software and it's *not* being actively maintained by the provider, there's a good chance it's got significant security issues, and you would be wise to look for an alternative.


I appreciate the responses thus far. I guess I am showing my ignorance of code, language and ability as I thought something could be gleamed from the URL’s using the software, PageFarm.com, PressPublisher.org, and then my Ezines FireMagazines.com, JrFirefighters.com, FirefighterFellowship.com and others. The owner is okay with upgrades and changes, security is definitely a consideration and I understand the newer versions could be a difficult task, thanks for the input…