My web developer has abandoned me with a Rails site. NEED HELP ASAP

Im looking for immediate help. My web developer had started building
me a site in Rails and has since gone AWOL and now I need to change
info on the site but I have ZERO experience with code of any type. I'm
looking for a hero who can help walk me through editing some copy that
needs to be done ASAP.

thank you in advance.

Whilst there is nothing wrong with asking for such help here, I think
you should make it plain whether you are a commercial organisation, a
non-profit, or whatever. Giving us the URL would be helpful. You may
find someone particularly interested in the subject matter of the


I will love to help you in your site. Please mail me all the details
regarding the type of help required from me also do share the source
code and problems your facing through mail.

Warm Regards,

Take a look at some of the tutorials around the internet for Ruby and
Rails to get an idea of what the framework is first.

You say the app has been started, if you have a local copy of the
files - back them up and then browse the code.

I agree with the other posters as to wanting more information.

yeah, what sort of changes are they?
If it's not too massive, i'm happy to help :slight_smile:

Mail me if you like.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Gordon Yeong

I can help too,