I need a ruby on rails developer to review my website and update it

My website at www.lonestarcomedy.co.uk needs some work and the origianl developer is no longer available. It is set on Heroku and the language is Ruby On rails.

Don't take this the wrong way but why is your site using Rails? There seems to be only static content plus a bit if JS in the navbar and a phone number for bookings.



I disagree. The website has multiple locations and comedians with changing content. Rails is an appropriate solution.

I would be interested in helping update the site. Email me directly: james.davisphd@gmail.com.


I’d like to help out. How are you going to structure the work effort?
Liz McGurty

Count me in too! I’d love to help you get things done.


I can help you.I have 3+ years of experience in RubyonRails and a lot experince with Heroku.If you want to proceed please revert back with details.



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