rails_upgrade maintenance

There was a thread a little earlier in the year about maintaining the official Rails plugins. It would seem that rails_upgrade has been left by the wayside, with pull requests dating back as early as September last year. It’s mentioned in the 3.0 release notes as a way of checking your application for changes between 2.3 and 3.0, but what’s the point if the official version of it isn’t being maintained? Isn’t the point of this project to encourage people to upgrade their Rails applications?

I’d like to volunteer my services as a possible pull request accepter of this project, if nobody else is.

Santiago said that Jeremy McAnally would be maintaining it. A couple people offered to assist, but I don’t think we saw any traction.


I think the rails/rails_upgrade fork should get maintainers and become
the official one at this point, the community can't count on JM to
update it apparently.

I offered myself to help.
But he choose to keep with its maintenance.

Unfortunately I could help either. But ill start as soon as I can!


This issue has been going on for months now. Last time it took two weeks of persistent pinging for JM to even respond to Everton. There are very old pull requests waiting, no comments at all from JM, no apparent activity from the so-called maintainer in 6 months - despite six releases of 3.0 in the same time. Jeremy is obviously busy with Arcturo and has demonstrated that he does not have the time to actually maintain this project, for reasons I’m not sure on he also continues to reject efforts to help him maintain the project.

It’s a very important project, especially as we approach the event horizon for 2.3.

+1 for an executive decision on this. 6 months is way too long to be underground on a project like rails_upgrade.

I was wiling to help to, but did not get a response either. I +1 Jason’s idea


As expected, +1!

Everton Moreth


I’ve gained access to this repository this morning and have pulled in all the pull requests. I had somebody try it out but would like more people to give it a go.

If you have a Rails 2 app handy please try it and report any issues you have.