Rails 3.2.2.rc1, 3.1.4.rc1, and 3.0.12.rc1 have been released!

Hi everyone,

I just released the following Rails release candidates:

  * 3.2.2.rc1
  * 3.1.4.rc1
  * 3.0.12.rc1

Please give these releases a try! Make sure to report any regressions from the past release to the [ruby on rails core mailing list](http://groups.google.com/group/rubyonrails-core).

If there are no show stopping regressions reported, I'll release the final versions on Monday. This is your opportunity to prevent me from releasing a version that breaks your app! Please use this opportunity! :smiley:

## Changes

You can find the changes for Rails 3.2.2 here:


For Rails 3.1.4 here:


Finally Rails 3.0.12 here:


Thanks! <3<3


My cat approves of these releases:


All green from the SQL Server adapter perspective :slight_smile:

- Thanks as always Aaron!

It would be great to get this patch in:

Does it count as a regression if ARes has *never* been able to parse the default Responder's error messages?

--Matt Jones

Only concern I had is that, why did tenderlove has to do the release again? I thought we're going to rotate release person? :stuck_out_tongue:

The last release was not made by Xavier?

Thanks for testing Ken! I appreciate it! <3 <3

If it never worked, it's not a regression. I'll backport this to
3-2-stable, but you'll have to wait for 3.2.3 before it's released.

Jon and Santiago have done releases. I'll take this one. Thanks for
thinking about me though! :smiley:

I tried 3.2.2.rc1 with bundle update (free versions on nearly all gems)

and all tests pass. We use mainly pg, devise, rspec, factory_girl, …



Confirm, and 3.2.0 by David.

I’ve also tested it (3.2.2.rc1) and everything is green :DD

Oriol Gual

Excellent! Thanks for the feedback!