Rails 3.0.13.rc1, 3.1.5.rc1, 3.2.4.rc1 have been released!

Good news everyone!

I've pushed the following release candidates of rails:

  * 3.0.13.rc1
  * 3.1.5.rc1
  * 3.2.4.rc1

Here are the changes in the 3.0.12:


Here are the changes in the 3.1.5:


Here are the changes in the 3.2.4:


Please try them out! Make sure to report any regressions to the rails-core
mailing list:


We do our best to avoid regressing features in rails, but sometimes things are
broken unintentionally. This is your chance to prevent a release that could
break your application. So please, try upgrading, then report any issues you
encounter to the mailing list!

If there are no regressions found, the final versions will be released on
Thursday, May 31st.

Thanks! <3<3<3<3