Looking for maintainers of Rails plugins

We are looking for maintainers for the rails plugins listed in
http://github.com/rails except arel, jquery-ujs, prototype-ujs,
rails_xss and rails itself :).
The idea is that use your fork as official and make the rails ones
point to your repo.

Please reply telling us which project are you interested in and send
us the url of your fork.

I'll take verification, hide_action and dynamic_form because I was the one who extracted it. I already have the commit access to those, so will make sure they're up-to-date then.


Prem, cool but the idea is to have it outside the scope of rails.
So please everyone interested fork the project you're interested in
and send the address to your fork.

After the call I will compile a list with each repo and the maintainers.


Greets. I'd be happy to handle the Atom feed helper!



I'd gladly take http_authentication


I'd take country_select, maybe others if needed:

thanks Santiago

I can take over the following:








Ooh, I’ll absolutely take exception_notification, an old favorite: https://github.com/JasonKing/exception_notification

I’d also be willing to take over in_place_editing


I will be happy to take over http_authentication and the
ssl_requirement plugins.

I'd be happy to take over or help with the dynamic_form plugin, as I
already forked that a while ago on http://codaset.com/joelmoss/dynamic-form
and gemified it at https://rubygems.org/gems/dynamic_form


I will take:

ActsAsNestedSet: https://github.com/bbommarito/acts_as_nested_set
AccountLocation (As I could use that): https://github.com/bbommarito/account_location
TokenGenerator: https://github.com/rails/token_generator

I’d be happy to help out with the dynamic_form plugin, as I already forked it at http://codaset.com/joelmoss/dynamic-form and at https://rubygems.org/gems/dynamic_form

being interested in Application-Security and Rails... I'd love
maintaining rails_xss


I'm glad to see you guys proposing to take over the plugins.
I will wait more time for more people to propose themselves and then
publish a list of the projects and maintainers.


I’d take this plugin; the api for ssl is really clunky. I haven’t pushed any changes to my fork yet, but I think this could be implemented with before_filters, giving us :only / :except, and :if / :unless support, and supporting skip_before_filter.

Hello there,

I am willing to take responsibility of any plugin really and have no particular preference.

Please give a shout once you have made a decision.



I would like to take rails_upgrade

I believe that this one can be very usefull to make the whole
community upgrade. And it can also be used to ease deprecation of old

Everton Moreth

Hey Everton,

  Sorry I didn't mentioned in my mail but rails_upgrade was made by
Jeremy McAnally, I'm not sure if he is maintaning it though.
So it's outside of scope, anyways if you're interested perhaps you can
ping him :).