Posting rails application online


I am just curious when i finish my application (but haven’t yet) can you post the application online and if so how do u do it as to submit my assignment i would be to difficult without putting it online as you need the command prompt to run the server.


There are many hosting services for RoR, and some have limited free accounts for personal use. Heroku is a very popular one.

The tutorial at (which is free to use online) has
full details on how to deploy (that is the word conventionally used
for rails apps, rather than publish) on Heroku.


​Heroku is the easiest for free rails deployment. as long as you don't need
more than 10K rows , postgres is free too​

Have you looked at Heroku? It’s (still) free to run a single-dyno app, and they make it that way to encourage you to learn how to use their platform.