patch acceptance

I've had some patches (pull requests) ready in github for a while now
and I haven't seen much action on them yet. Are there some specific
steps that need to be taken other than just submitting a pull request?
I noticed some patches have tags associated with them, but I don't
know how you add these or if they are even necessary.

When using lighthouse, patches seemed to get accepted much faster,
whereas with github, patches seem to sit and get little attention (so
far). I realize core is busy, but the difference in response time
between acceptance on lighthouse vs github leads me to believe it's
because of steps I've failed to perform to get the process moving

Any advice on what needs to be done after a pull request is submitted?

Which specific PRs are you referring to?

Generally if PRs are straightforward bug fixes etc they get merged
pretty quickly. But when people suggest features or submit PRs that are
not straightforwardly mergeable** they can linger unfortunately.

One thing you can do to help yourself if to make it really clear that
you have thought about all the possible problems already, e.g.

* Get a friend to review the code
* Give detailed explanation in the PR about the problem and the
solution, to demonstrate that you've looked into it thoroughly
* Make sure the tests are really thorough

As a committer, I often find it quite hard to find time to work on 'the
stuff I wanna work on' as whenever I sit down there is already a backlog
of bugs and pull requests to deal with. So please bear with us
basically :slight_smile:

But Github does seem better than Lighthouse IMO. Numerous pull requests
do get merged daily.

** Reasons why a PR may not be straightforwardly mergeable:

* Requires the merger to spend a non-trivial amount of time wrapping
their head around the issue before feeling confident to accept the PR
* Poor code quality
* Suggests feature that may or may not be a good idea. Requires thought
and discussion.

I actually just noticed one of my 3 recent PR's was pulled and closed
the day I submitted it... I just didn't receive notification from
github of such an action. So kudos for the quick response on that

The other 2 PR's are: - Very basic, but fixes a
completely broken test method. - Again quite basic, and also
fixes a regression from older rails versions. This one I consider to
be a major issue though.

I don't want to sound like I demand instant acceptance of PR's, just
that I wasn't sure if there was something else that committers
required before accepting a PR. I appreciated all the hard work core
is doing.